A Neighbor's Sweet Revenge

When Sharon Taylor moves in next door to handsome John Sweeny, he wastes no time courting Sharon. But John has a dirty little secret. Sharon's panties are mysteriously disappearing and John's about to learn that he's messed with the wrong person. Because Sharon is going to teach the culprit one hell of a lesson. One he'll never forget, or do to her ever again.

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The Secret Sexual Treaty: Triggered By Phone Sex Part 1 "Morgan's story of the Forbidden Love"

Morgan Spaulding finds herself unable to get a job until late one night the answer comes to her—phone sex. Trusting to keep a secret Morgan confides in her gorgeous stepbrother, Skyler Bates. Then is shocked when he repeatedly calls her the first day as Caller Joe, sweeping her deep into the sexual fantasies that includes his handsome best friend, Nick Navarre. It ignites Morgan's insatiable appetite for sex, craved sexual pleasures, and lusting hunger for Skyler and Nick.

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The Secret Sexual Treaty: Moment Of Truth Part 2 "Morgan's story of the Forbidden Love"

Coming Soon!

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Book Trailer: A Neighbor's Sweet Revenge

An erotica short story available at Smashwords, Amazon, and at all major digital retailers.